Black Gold Guns and Ammo
2001 Karbach #F
Houston, TX 77092
Black Gold Guns is a Class III Dealer

Black Gold Guns & Ammo carries a line of silencers and suppressors for your firearm. We can help you find the proper silencer for your pistol or a suppressor for your tactical rifle. Black Gold Guns & Ammo works with many of the major silencer and suppressor manufacturers to insure that you purchase high-end quality equipment for a great price.
AAC Evo .45 ACP Suppressor Pistol Silencer Pistol Suppressor

AAC Evo .45 ACP Suppressor

The intergrated ASAP System of the EVOLUTION silencers achieves complete reliability under the most demanding conditions. The ASAP System is a recoil boosting mechanism which ensures reliable pistol operation, allows for zero-shift adjustment, provides for modularity to support multiple weapons platforms, and aids in making the EVOLUTION the most efficient silencers in the WORLD.
Gem Tech Tundra 9mm Suppressor Pistol Silencer Pistol Suppressor

Gem Tech Tundra 9mm Suppressor

Gemtech's intregrally boosted 9mm pistol suppressor has been independently tested and proven to surpass its peer as a lighter, quieter, and more economical 9mm pistol suppressor. It is available in black, tan, or Realtree finish imbedded in the Type-III hard anodize.
Gem Tech Outback II .22 Long Rifle Suppressor Pistol Rifle Suppressor Pistol Rifle Silencer

Gem Tech Outback II .22 Long Rifle Suppressor
The Gem Tech .22LR Outback II is the industry standard others are judged against. It is a perfect blend of weight, length, and Hollywood quiet sound reduction. For its size, sound reduction, and cost it has no equal and is America's most popular suppressor for .22LR firearms.
Suppressors come with the suppressor module and piston.

Threaded barrels and adapters can also be purchased.

Barrel threading available.

All BATF rules and regulations apply. Please call for details.

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